Implantation, a single window office

CTW believes in the advantages of Switzerland and its regions and works continuously for the benefits of its customers. We guide you, offering an unparalleled team of implementation experts in Valais, Geneva and Vaud, who collaborate with economic promotion services.

Our principal mission is to advise and help foreign SMEs and the representatives of groups to transfer a part or the whole of their activities to Switzerland.

CTW offers services to entrepreneurs seeking access to Swiss and European markets, with a view to benefit, among others, stability, long term potential, performance, efficiency and flexible labour possibilities, fiscal advantages, financial support related to technology innovations, as well as advanced infrastructure, services and Swiss quality recognised image.


Swiss market access

Preliminary studies

Preliminary studies and advise on general aspects.


Promotion and partnership

We facilitate the meeting of partners in the areas of service, technology, engineering, manufacture, environment, art and culture, and we promote your products and services.


Implantation project coordination

We assist and advise SME in its strategic and corporate development, including project evaluation and business planning, investment, administrative structuring and coordination.


Setting up business

Company creation.


Fiscal advantages and financial support

Corporate ruling

We participate in the development of business plans, filing and tracking of application for tax relief.


Help to get Financial aide

We help SME to develop business plans, filing and tracking of application to get financial aid.


Business consulting and support

Global services

Secretarial and administrative services.

CTW provide sound advise and takes part actively in formalities. Action is not limited to ensuring compliance with rules, we offer proactive support proposing tailor-made solution.

We can alternatively engage on a global services envelope and fixed rate on long-term contract.

CTW or their official partners propose registered or postal address for a temporary period as well as telephone reception services. We can provide non-executive Swiss resident directors.

We facilitate contacts, suggesting and making contacts with specialists, banks, scientific parks, economic promoters…